Who we are

Design2Learn was founded in 2007 in Switzerland by Beanta Alberink, a learning expert with more than 18 years’ experience working for a wide range of institutions from multinational companies to UN-agencies, in different roles and in three languages - English, French and Dutch. Beanta has worked for Rabobank, Philips Electronics, Philips Lighting, Kessels & Smit, The Learning Company and the United Nations High Commissioner for the Refugees.

Our drive

We ‘breathe’ learning and are always searching for opportunities to stimulate development and growth. Meeting and working together with people from all over the world is a valuable source of inspiration for us; bringing different cultures together in a learning environment creates new ideas and adds to the depth and breadth of learning solutions. Enabling the learning process of these diverse groups and individuals is what drives us.

Our approach

We apply adult learning principles and use different learning approaches (off the job, on the job, distance- and action-learning methods). The leading principles in our work are:

  • Successful learning solutions aim for results
  • Learning happens when there is a need for it
  • The work place is a powerful learning environment
  • Learning by doing
  • Sharing knowledge and experiences
  • Learning is a joint effort

Our roles

We offer support in the role of (sparring) partner, instructional designer, facilitator, trainer and/or coach, and always as learner.